An elevated work platform training courses or aerial work platform is a part of everyday life. In construction and maintenance, repairing lines at electric poles, repairing streetlights, and many other businesses elevated working platform is now being used. The elevated work platform training in Sydney is basically a mechanical device that gives temporary access to locations that are at a certain height. They have an edge on permanent platform that they are used to reach inaccessible locations and to lift weight and equipped with various electrical instruments. They can be operated by a single person. 

Is elevated work platforms training course necessary?

Accidents and mishaps are now very common in every industry. A company’s reputation is damaged due to the increasing number of accidents and can also cause material loss to the company. Safety must be the first priority of every organization. Care must be taken in the operation of such sensitive mechanical devices as elevated work platform. Unskilled or non-professional operators or overlooking the safety precautions can lead to serious consequences. According to a report by Occupational Safety and Health Administration OHSA about 85% of accidents of elevated work platforms take place during operation. Professional training, like any other operation, is necessary for this particular area. And now, according to the law training is obligatory for all workers in every organization. The workers need to be well-trained and highly skilled to prevent any accidents or injury. Visit for basic rigging training.

Goals of training programs

Elevated work platforms can be a hazard in case of bad weather or obstructions. Common accidents include overturning, machine tipping, overloading of the platform, etc. which can arise due to malfunctioning of equipment or lack of experience and carelessness of the operator.  During elevated platform training courses, the participants are thought necessary details to operate the aerial platform safely and efficiently. This mains points conveyed regarding operation include:

Signal words:

Signal words and manuals are most essential. Different signals are used during operation which is described in the manual provided. The user and the team at workplace must know the common signals used during operation of elevated work platform.

PPE requirements:

Personal safety comes first. Personal Protection Equipment PPE is vital part of all risky jobs and elevated work platforms are not allowed to be operated without fulfilling PPE requirements. The workers must wear steel-toed boots, visible vests, safety hats, and safety glasses during operation.


The users must know the main components and types of the aerial work platform. Basic operations are taught to the participants and practical demonstrations are also made by the supervisors. This helps them to learn faster.

Health and safety:

The safety of the environment and co-workers is also important. Basic HSE rules are taught to each participant to avoid any mishap.

Construction, maintenance, and repairing have always been a risky job. Working at heights is never easy and accidents are very common in elevated work platform operation. Many accidents occur at workplace, but proper training and safety precautions can be helpful to avoid them. 

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