Product is a term which can be used for anything tangible right? Mug is a product, carpet is a product, car is a product and so on, and in short we are all surrounded by products. According to our needs and wants we spend our money and buy products to fulfill the needs. Similarly there are so many feedbacks we give to a product but do we think that it takes a lot more than what we think for a product to float in the market? As a consumer we just think about our need and that’s it.

Talking about what it takes to float a product in the market brings us to the topic of actual product designing. Although product designing is a marketing term, which means that product needs to be designed in phases; different phases through which a product passes and comes to a spot where the marketer floats it in the market. It’s a long process actually which becomes a product in the end, process of product designing has so many steps so, whether we are marketing students or marketers we must understand some basic steps which leads towards the product development and actual product:

IDEA: actually idea is something which is the first step to everything out there in this world. Idea is the first step for product generation too. a team come up with an idea by identifying the need in the market, the same is discussed in several meetings, among senior board of directors, finance and marketing team and if it’s an idea which can become a future product; this brainstorming lands to a single idea which is selected for further execution.

RESEARCH:  a product designing failed the moment somebody has the same idea in the market already, so it is very important to research regarding everything, research regarding competition, market share, market positioning and a lot more than before mentioned. Research work acts as a soul of the idea.

DEVELOPMENT: now comes something practical, in this step they actually prepare a prototype, work on the technicalities and match the feasibility with the company’s vision and profitability (sometimes risk tolerance level too). Development phase cannot be misconceived with the actual design or development of the product.

DESIGNING: After all the messy steps mentioned before, comes the actual designing of the product at this stage they think about the packaging design, price, place and promotional activities. This is something real and practical in short the product designing is here at this stage, before that everything is theory and technical but product design is practical and real.

In short, when we see a product we must understand that product is a thing but has a lot of behind the scenes activities involved. Product designing is a complete mantra and field in marketing and product designers are paid really well in western as well as in middle east.

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