Plumbing is part of our household from the last 2500 years. But the real innovation in plumbing comes in the last two centuries which made our life easy and hygienic. Even in modern plumbing, things have been made simpler and plumbing disasters have been reduced to be minimum. But as a household owner, you should be aware of your plumbing and troubleshooting of the same. There are many simple tasks like unclogging drains or tightening faucets which can be done by you at home. But sometimes, these simple problems can lead to the bigger one and if you are not alert enough to call a plumber Newcastle on time. This can cause serious financial and property loss.

There are certain signs which can easily tip you to call a plumber instead of keeping trying your home remedies;

1. If you feel that whenever you open the tap, the water flow is not as it was in past. You are facing this problem in every faucet at home. Then it means that there will gunk, rust or debris in the pipes. As this problem is not in one place but all over the house that means it will not be fixed by just pouring boiled water or baking soda solution. You need to call a plumber to check complete pipeline before they choked. This should be done on priority because in case it is not treated on time. It can cause bursting or flooding of pipes.

2. You can get hot water in your home. If your hot water tank is leaking, then it is simple but if not. Then there can be multiple problems with your water heater. You should be calling a plumber to inspect your water heater for short circuit, thermostat malfunction or leakage in hot water pipes. You can ignore this problem as if your water heater is malfunctioning due to any reasons and further delay can damage it permanently or can cause an accident.

3. Frozen pipes are the problem that cannot be fixed easily by you. If you saw your pipe frozen, you can thaw them by pouring boiled water but many a time that can also cause cracks on the pipe which leads to the replacement of the same. The plumber is better to judge to decide how to treat frozen pipes. Many times they will replace the frozen pipes instead of thawing because thawing will weaken the pipe. The pies will burst after some time, to avoid future inconvenience, the plumber will suggest your early remedy.

4. The blocked drains are the most common reason because of which you have to call a plumber. Many times people unclog the blocked drains at their home with home remedies, but sometime the blockades are bigger than any simple treatment. Many a time, treating drains with home remedies will increase the quantum of the problem. So if you think, that your actions are not working, call a plumber without wasting further time.

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