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How to take care of your sofa

You’ve taken the time to create the sofa of your dreams which has been carefully handcrafted and delivered by our wonderfully talented team and now is sitting comfily in pride of place within your home. To ensure your sofa gives you a lifetime of style and comfort, take a look at our care recommendations, from cushion plumping to fabric and wood care.

Caring for your cushions

When your new sofa arrives, you may find that the seat and back cushions look and feel firmer than you were expecting. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, and they will settle down after a little while! If you wish to speed up the process, give them a good plumping to redistribute the feathers and turn them over every so often to soften.

For pads that contain feather, regular plumping will be required to keep those cushions looking full and feel sumptuous to sit on.

Caring for your fabrics

Almost all of our beautiful fabrics are made in Italy, and most require special care particularly when it comes to cleaning.

We recommend not to spot clean any of our fabrics with a wet or damp cloth, unless otherwise stated on the care instructions.

Be careful not to rub too hard when cleaning as this may change the appearance of the fabric.

Always follow the care instructions. If you need to hire a cleaning company always ensure they do a patch test.

Our cotton matt velvets does not like water. To maintain the natural pile of the fabric and keep the velvet looking beautiful, please wipe with a clean dry cloth or a velvet brush to avoid marking the fabric.

Our machine washable fabrics should always be washed on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees or lower. Use a non-bio detergent with no optical brightening agents. If you find the covers have shrunk a little try ironing them out with a damp press.

Please refer to the removable cover information further below for more details.

Guardsman Fabric Protection Plan (available for UK mainland only)

We know that many of you have busy homes, and spills and stains are an unfortunate occurrence, so that is why we offer Guardsman Fabric Protection for your peace of mind. The fabric protection plan can be simply added onto your order when you purchase or by contacting our lovely customer care team at before you receive your delivery. If you are unfortunate enough to spill something on your upholstered item, simply absorb any liquid with a dry cloth and call Guardsman on 0123 544 8844 who will send out their stain removal solution. If this doesn’t work and the stain is still visible, a member of their friendly team will come out to you, free of charge, to tackle the stain themselves. If it’s really persistent and their team member is unable to remove the stain, Guardsman will then work with to source replacement covers or parts for your sofa.

Guardsman also offers protection for lovers of leather. Their Guardsman Leather Warranty offers protection against spills and accidental damage to your furniture, ensuring your leather looks lovely for many years to come and can be simply added to your order by getting in touch with our friendly customer care team at

Caring for your wood and veneer items

As our waxed finished wood is a natural product, each item is completely unique and so may differ in grain and shade. To help keep its beautiful shine, take special care when cleaning our wooden pieces.

To keep your wood looking great always blot spills immediately with a clean dry cloth. Using a wet cloth may cause the surface to warp and crack.

Do not place anything wet or hot directly on to the surface.

Only use cleaning products suitable for waxed wood and veneer finishes. Do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning agents.

We recommend using place mats as our wood and veneer surfaces are not scratch resistant.

Caring for your legs

To help keep the wooden legs of your sofa looking shiny and new, use a damp cloth rinsed in warm water to clean. Do not use detergent on them, but you can treat them to some TLC by polishing them occasionally with a natural wax.

When rearranging your home for a refresh and a style update, we recommend lifting your furniture as opposed to dragged or pushed to protect the structure of the legs as well as your flooring.

Our beechwood frames

We’re very proud of the solid beechwood frames we use on most of our sofas, beds and armchairs. Their quality and durability is second to none, and we’re so confident of this, we guarantee them for a lifetime!

The perfect environment for your furniture

Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time can result in fading over time of both fabric and wood. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your items out of direct light, either by drawing the curtains on sunny days or by covering with a throw.

Similar damage can also be avoided by keeping furniture at least one metre away from a radiator, fire, and other sources of extreme heat and humidity.

Say no to slopes! To avoid deformation, place your furniture on even ground.

We all love a spring clean, but when it comes to using cleaning products, particularly sprays, around your brand-new design please be careful that none transfers onto the fabric as this can cause discolouration.

Caring for your fixed covers

If your sofa has a fixed cover, it’s rather simple to keep it looking great. Regular cleaning with a brush, or even a light vacuum, will keep it looking fresh and dust-free. If you accidently spill something on your sofa, do not panic. Immediately blot it with a clean, dry cloth, making sure you do not rub it in or use abrasive cleaners as this will likely make the stain worse. If you have our Guardsman Fabric Protection, call them on the number above and they will be happy to help save your sofa!

Caring for your removable covers

If you have removable covers and you wish to wash them, try and wash all of the covers at the same time, this will avoid any colour variation if washed separately. However, also be careful not to overload the drum, which can sometimes cause damage to your sofa covers. If in doubt, take them to be professionally cleaned.

We have included wash care guides for each of our fabrics on our ‘Free Samples’ page, for best results, please refer to this information before washing your covers.

Fitting your removable covers

Our removable covers are attached to the frame with some very cleverly positioned pieces of Velcro. They are designed to fit perfectly over the frame, so when you’re putting them back in place ensure they are pulled taught evenly in both directions. If you need further instructions, or are having difficulty re-dressing your sofa, give our friendly customer care team a call who will happily talk you through the process on