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  • type
        Corner Sofas
        Sofa beds
  • size
        Two seat
        Two and a half seat
        Three seat
        Four seat
  • colours
  • fabric
  • extras
        Removable Covers
        Removable Covers
Aissa Chaise Sofa
Aissa Chaise Sofa  From £3,840
Aissa Corner Sofa
Aissa Corner Sofa  From £5,250
Oswald Corner Sofa
Oswald Corner Sofa Was From £4,450   Now From £2,670
Larsen Corner Sofa
Larsen Corner Sofa  From £3,910
Teddy Chaise
Teddy Chaise  From £3,680
Teddy Corner
Teddy Corner  From £5,570
Aissa Armchair
Aissa Armchair  From £1,780
Bluebell Sofa
Bluebell Sofa  From £2,730
Alderney Sofa
Alderney Sofa  From £1,940
Alderney Armchair
Alderney Armchair  From £1,450
Bluebell Armchair
Bluebell Armchair  From £1,780
Costello Sofa
Costello Sofa  From £2,570
Chester Sofa
Chester Sofa  From £2,070
Bluebell Sofa Bed
Bluebell Sofa Bed  From £2,400
Carmel Sofa
Carmel Sofa Was From £3,630   Now From £2,178
Claude Armchair
Claude Armchair  From £1,210
Bowie Sofa
Bowie Sofa  From £2,690
Bowie Armchair
Bowie Armchair  From £1,850
Aissa Sofa
Aissa Sofa Was From £5,340   Now From £3,204
Aissa Sofa Bed
Aissa Sofa Bed  From £2,800
Teddy Sofa
Teddy Sofa Was From £3,990   Now From £2,394
Teddy Sofa Bed
Teddy Sofa Bed  From £3,470
Saturday Armchair
Saturday Armchair  From £1,700
Saturday Sofa
Saturday Sofa  From £2,240
Snowdrop Armchair
Snowdrop Armchair  From £1,580
Snowdrop Sofa
Snowdrop Sofa  From £1,890
Bluebell Corner Sofa
Bluebell Corner Sofa  From £5,950
Costello Chaise Sofa
Costello Chaise Sofa  From £4,100
Costello Corner Sofa
Costello Corner Sofa  From £5,770
Holly Chaise Sofa
Holly Chaise Sofa  From £3,200
Holly Corner Sofa
Holly Corner Sofa  From £3,670
Iggy Chaise Sofa
Iggy Chaise Sofa  From £4,030
Isla Corner Sofa
Isla Corner Sofa  From £5,860
Izzy Chaise Sofa
Izzy Chaise Sofa  From £3,840
Iggy Corner Sofa
Iggy Corner Sofa  From £5,250
Isla Chaise Sofa
Isla Chaise Sofa  From £4,150
Izzy Corner Sofa
Izzy Corner Sofa  From £5,250
Carmel Medium Corner
Carmel Medium Corner Was From £7,770   Now From £4,662
Carmel Chaise Sofa
Carmel Chaise Sofa  From £3,680
Bluebell Chaise Sofa
Bluebell Chaise Sofa  From £4,010
Larsen Sofa
Larsen Sofa Was From £3,460   Now From £2,076
Izzy Sofa
Izzy Sofa  From £3,160
Larsen Sofa Bed
Larsen Sofa Bed  From £2,830
Fingal Armchair
Fingal Armchair  From £1,410
Fingal Sofa
Fingal Sofa  From £1,600
Patrick Sofa
Patrick Sofa Was From £4,120   Now From £2,472
Patrick Loveseat
Patrick Loveseat  From £2,690
Patrick Sofa Bed
Patrick Sofa Bed  From £3,540
Oscar Loveseat
Oscar Loveseat  From £2,690
Oscar Sofa
Oscar Sofa  From £3,120
Holly Armchair
Holly Armchair  From £1,430
Holly Sofa
Holly Sofa  From £1,890
Iggy Sofa
Iggy Sofa  From £2,360
Isla Sofa
Isla Sofa  From £3,500
Izzy Armchair
Izzy Armchair  From £1,780
Harper Sofa
Harper Sofa  From £1,890
Isla Sofa Bed
Isla Sofa Bed Was From £3,620   Now From £2,172
Isla Armchair
Isla Armchair  From £1,850
Teddy Armchair
Teddy Armchair  From £2,000

Life proof luxury

Our handcrafted leather sofas strike the perfect balance between robust and refined. The 100% leather upholstery is ready to take on modern family life and will make a statement in any living space.

  • Experts from design to delivery

    Experts from

    design to delivery

  • 6-8 weeks lead time

    4-6 Weeks

    delivery time

  • Handmade to order, just for you

    Handmade to order,

    just for you

  • Lifetime guarantee on frames

    Lifetime guarantee

    on frames